• Certificate Courses
    Anatomy & Physiology
    Herbal Medicine
    Human Sciences 
    Natural Medicine, Science & Philosophy
    Swedish Massage


  • Associate Diplomas
    Herbal Medicine
    Human Sciences
    Iridological Sciences
    Interpersonal Relationships
    Remedial Massage

  • Graduate, Post Graduate, Diploma & Advanced Diplomas 
    Grad Dip of Natural Science
    Post Grad Dip of Philosophy and Practice of Natural Medicine

    Dip of Acupuncture
    Dip of Homoeopathy
    Dip of Naturopathy
    Dip of Arts, Science & Technology of Natural Medicine its Sciences & Philosophy

    Advanced Diploma of Applied Science (Naturopathy)

  • Degree Courses
    Bachelor of Natural Science
    Bachelor of Natural Science with Honours


  • Masters & Doctoral Programs
    Master of Natural Science
    Philosophy Doctorate of Natural Science


  • Post Doctoral Programs
    UNMAF Membership
    Doctor of Naturopathy (UNM)


Youngson Institute of Natural Science

To help others help yourself - You never fail until you stop trying

This Institute offers a realistic opportunity 
for the populace at large to study and qualify 
in Natural Medicine, its Sciences and Philosophy 
(NMSP) as a totally competent Natural Therapist 
by Distance Education.

Study Natural Therapies By Distance Education

If you would like a copy of 

Courses Bulletin #40 sent to you,

please phone, fax or  E-mail your Name, 

Postal Address and Contact phone number to:-
(this is only for the purpose of sending the Bulletin to you via the regular mail)
The Dean of Studies
20 Sin Ming Lane #06-55 Midview City,
Singapore 573968

To Contact Us

Head Office :      20 Sin Ming Lane #06-55 Midview City,
Singapore 573968

Telephone:             (65) 6323 6652 
International         +65 6323 6652

Dean of Studies:   Prof Sundardas D.Annamalay   ND, PhD, MD(MA), DSc 
E-mail Address:      admin@naturaltherapies.com

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