The Doctoral Work  Program is offered through the auspices of the University of Natural Medicine Academic Faculty (UNMAF) and under the International Multidisciplinary Scientific Oganisation on Alternate and Natural Medicine (IMSO) of which this Institute and its Alma Mater the International Natural Therapists Organisations (INTO) are life members which is the mainstay of the W. G. Youngson & Associates Incorporation ref:12:12:1990.




Master of  Natural Science
This course is post graduate and is orientated towards Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with the philosophies and practical research of Alternate Medicine. If the candidate holds the BNSc or BNSc Honours the fee is $2500.00, otherwise it is $3500.00. Fees must be paid in advancement of commencement of study. Academic regalia available after graduation as an optional extra.





Philosophy Doctorate of Natural Science
Any BNSc(Hons) or MNSc graduate may undertake this excellent course of natural medicine manipulative therapy on a theoretical and aesthetic level which involves advanced logic, reasoning and diagnostic skills. An excellent post graduate degree for those contemplating a career in lecturing on natural therapies. The practum of the course is involved in the ability to communicate with students and other health professionals at many levels, be them clinical or otherwise. The fees include the Post Doctoral Diploma of E.N.T. Manipulative Techniques, the post Graduate Specialist Diploma in Humanities and an accreditation Diploma to the WGY & A Inc. with the International Multidisciplinary Scientific Organisation (IMSO). for candidates who hold equivalencies of the BNSc(Hons) or MNSc (Acupuncture), the fee would be $2000 - $3000. Fees must be paid in advance for these courses. Academic regalia is available as an optional extra for graduands.



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