UNMAF Memberships 

Fees as prescribed below by written application and merit only.                                          

This is for YCW/UNM/INTO members only.  

Initially all written submissions/applications must be sent to :-

YCW/UNM Dean of Studies
Natural Therapies Centre
39 Kreta Ayer Rd
Singapore 088482

with the correct fee for assessment of either acceptance or rejection. If rejected, 80% of the fee received will be returned to the candidate. If accepted, confirmation will come from the UNMAF in the USA by fax or phone and the award duly sealed, stamped and mailed to the successful applicant. 

Many persons accepted at this level usually have these awards issued in person at UNM seminars or YCW annual conferences where friends, family and fellow colleagues meet. An Academic Faculty membership is considered an honour and privilege and endorsed by YCW practitioners and students worldwide. 

There are five levels of membership to the UNM Faculty: 

Level /Status                   Levy           Embossed Seal(s) on Diploma

Senior Tutor                    $100             Green

Senior Lecturer               $150            Green and Red

Associate Professor      $195            Green and Blue

Fellow of the Faculty       $225            Green, Red and Blue

Senior Fellow or              $295            Green, Gold and Red

Emeritus Professor     

Notes:  Members at levels are entitled to the post nominals MUNMAF except for the Senior Fellow or Emeritus Professor level who may use the post nominals FUNM or FUNMAF.

The Doctor of Naturopathy   ND(UNM)       Fee $300

This is our organization's highest accolade. 

Strictly by selection process only, wherein a full written application and referees are required.  The final decision will be voted on by the YCW Board of Governors at an official meeting.  After due consideration, notification will sent to the applicant of the result. 

Worthwhile optional extra - The Official UNMAF Academic Gown et alia is about $1500.  All our academic regalia which includes the John Knowles Bonnet, UNMAF red full length gown and ermine trimming and the YCW Hood are authentic and sold only by The Regalia Shop in Brisbane, Qld upon proof of qualification and official letter written by the Vice Chancellor.

Special Note:   All academic institutions worldwide occasionally award honoris causem (honorary) accolades to suitable individuals in the public domain who distinguish themselves by their good deeds. These can range from Honorary Diploma's to Degrees and beyond, that are peculiar to that Hall of Learning.  We have in 25 years of public and community service issued about 90 such awards, mainly for donational efforts made by the recipient to our colleges worldwide for student scholarships and the charitable hospices and clinics that our organization is or has been involved with in India and Asia in particular. All applications initially must be sent tot he Dean of Studies for Assessment and recommendations to the various YCW/UNM Boards of Education. 


All prices are in US Dollars

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