Graduate,  Post Graduate,  and
Advanced Diploma Programs 

Course Name

Graduate Diploma of Natural Science
Requires  9 Certificate Courses. This course will be graded at an ordinary Pass, Honours and Distinction level.

Post Graduate Diploma of the Philosophy & Practice of Natural Medicine
Requires  11 Certificate Courses. This course will be graded at Honours Level only. N.B. Exemptions for specific Certificate courses are credited at $200.00 each from the above fee structure, provided the YCW representative can visualize the applicant's original documents from other health colleges and produce "certified as true" photocopies of such. Legal Status granted crossover certification will be issued by YCW at $20.00 per exemption. This fee should be included with course fee.

Diploma of Naturopathy
Diploma of Acupuncture
Diploma of Homoeopathy

Entrance to these programs requires a Grade 12 education certificate or matriculation level or a person holding a GDNSc or similar qualification form an approved and recognised health college. These three professional courses require the candidate to pay the whole fee at the commencement of their chosen course. They have been fully discounted and there is no time payment offered.

$2450 $2450 $2450
Diploma of Arts, Science & Technology of Natural Medicine its Sciences and Philosophy
This course is only available to those who hold the YCW  GDNSc at Distinction level of ND or DAc or HD.
$ 895.00
Advanced Diploma of Applied Science ( Naturopathy)
This course of instruction covers the GDNSc, ND, HD and DAScT disciplines. Time payment offered of $3000.00 down and $500.00 per month for 9 months.
Total $6750. Lectures issued as payments received only.

All prices are in US Dollars

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