YCW Staff and UNM Faculty

Professor Emeritus
YINS Co-Founder

Professor William Youngson
ASO., Ph.D, FFHom.,
Professor of Natural Medicine

 YCW Principal-  Malaysia

Dr Sir Henry Yapp
ND(UNM), D.Ac., Ph.D.
Professor of Acupuncture

Dean of Studies for YCW and UNMAF

Prof Dr Sundardas Annamalay
ND(UNM), D.Hom.M, Ph.D,
Professor of Natural Medicine

YCW Principal - South Australia

Dr Geoff Bryant
ND, MNSc., Ph.D,
YCW Principal

YCW Associate Professor 

Dr Andrea Langham-Trzcinski
MNSc/Ph.D Candidate
Assoc Prof of Homoeopathic Medicine
Admin Support & YCW Web Master

YCW Registrar 

Dr Mohd Rashidinz Shariff

 Secretary For INTO

Dr Esha Dwight-Bryant
BNSc(Hons), ND

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