About Us

  • A dedicated group of six highly motivated Natural Medicine therapists decided on October 26th, 1980 in North Queensland to co-found the Youngson Institute of Natural Science (YINS) to become a registered business name in the State of Queensland.

  • In 1981 we had our first graduates whose enthusiasm permitted the Dean of Studies to produce further valid and practical courses of study to include our now well known and respected Bachelor of Natural Science degree program ( BNSc) and several other areas of post graduate work such as Homoeopathy and Acupuncture.

  • As our membership grew it was decided to form our first Alma Mater known as the Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers (SNTR) from 1982-1990 in which we numbered 1000 souls. In 1991 we formed our second Alma Mater which also included all our overseas members and graduates form the University of Natural Medicine (UNM). It was called the Australian Register of Natural Therapists (ARNT) which also produced 1000 membership by late 1999.

  • From January 1st, 2000 we created our third and final Alma Mater called the International Natural Therapists Organisation (INTO) which covered our now several overseas colleges and the UNM.

  • YINS became known as YINS Colleges Worldwide (YCW) in the nineties and with the UNM, Masters and Philosophy Doctorates graduates and now claims to have instructed close to 6000 graduates. Some of our members especially those that joined us in the 1980's area graduates in more than one discipline, therefore our graduate total is larger than our 2100 plus worldwide Alma Mater membership.

  • We have had outlets or colleges in many parts of Australasia and overseas. In Australia the main centre is in Glenelg, Adelaide, S.A., mainly because that is where our INTO Alma Mater is run from. Our largest overseas area of students and membership is south East Asia, mainly Singapore, with healthy support from Malaysia. We have many graduates that are now household names in places like the United Kingdom, North America, India, Sri Lanka and so on.

  • In the past twenty years ( 1980 - 2000), our members, tutors, lecturers professors and senior fellows have been involved with many worthwhile endeavours on a purely voluntary and unpaid basis. They have travelled to all corners of the world and help students, people and patients alike to understand our mottoes such as :-

                                   a) To help others help yourself.
                                    b) You never fail until you stop trying. 
                                    c) Always for and on behalf of natural medicine.

  • All members during the twenty past years have either personally donated or had deducted from their course and membership fees a useful amount of money to assist those less fortunate than ourselves. It is interesting to note that all funds collected went totally to the specific areas it was required for, without middlemen receiving any commissions. This is part of our natural medicine philosophy.

  • Some of our members have been honoured by their country for their services to natural medicine and their respective communities. We have also had a number of our group give their lives to help others help themselves through war, disease, pestilence and natural attrition. YCW has known some wonderful and awful times but remains dedicated to be a private, independent, post secondary Institute of Natural Medicine with its Sciences and Philosophy (NMSP), whose sole aim was in the 20th century to be a valid and caring group of well trained individuals that do give a damn about humanity.

  • There is no doubt that as the 21st century progresses that YINS colleges Worldwide graduates will continue their slated platform to be of real service to those that require their humanitarian and open concepts of natural healing. We believe we are an useful adjunct to Allopathic or Western Medicine


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