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Official Application to study with:

The YCW / INTO / UNM Group
under the auspices of WGY & A Inc., a life member of IMSO

Courses Bulletin # 40
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All Rights Reserved

The following information is PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL pertaining to the applicant and
their particulars in accordance with their agreement to study with the WG Youngson &
Associates Incorporation. The information provided shall be used in this application only and will not
be given to any other Organisation or private person for the purpose of mailing lists,
financial information or marital status.

I hereby state the following to be the truth:.
My full name is :  
My full contact address is:  
My usual phone/fax/ mobile number is :  
My date and place of birth was :  
I am of : Caucasian / Asian / Aboriginal / Islander / Chinese / Indian / African American origin.
My marital status is: Single / Married / Defacto / Gay / Separated / with or
without children / dependants.
My occupation is : full time / part time / professional / tradesperson / other /
unemployed / old age pensioner / disability pensioner / Veterans award / carer

  • I am a Life Member of YCW / INTO
  • I am including my YCW / INTO  Life Membership fee with my course payment.
  • I have signed the no cash refund waiver certificate.
  • I have / have not enclosed my curriculum vitae (life story) and photographs etc.

I have now of my own accord decided to enrol in the following course(s) provided by YINS Colleges Worldwide.

Name of Course Fee
1. $
2. $
3. $
4. $
I further add my INTO  Life Membership fee.     (US$150.00)   $
Total: $

I look forward to receiving all my material within 14 working days  if mailed in Australia or 21 working days                 if mailed overseas.

Dated: Signed:

All prices are in US Dollars

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